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Campanula Seed

The Campanula plants are beautiful, small elegant perennials that are known for their unique star-shaped bloom. These little plants are thrive in partly shaded borders and are fast-growing! hummingbird love these beautiful plants as well.

The Carpatica Clip Mix is a blend of dense crowns of large upright light blue, white, and purple delicate campanula flowers that are great for pots. This variety is the perfect indoor-outdoor plant. The Carpatica Clip Mix's flowering is uniform and occurs 2-3 weeks earlier than other varieties.

The California Bluebell Campanula is a very popular, beautiful and hardy annual that has been adapted to very arid environments. The stunning deep blue, bell-shaped flowers of this variety are highlighted by long golden stamens. It's leaves are heart-shaped, covered with soft white hairs closely resembling an African Violet. This flower prefers full sun in very sandy or well-drained soils. The California Bluebell is one of the most extravagant shades of blue.

The Komachi Balloon Flower is an exotic baby blue bellflower that kinda resembles many tiny colorful umbrellas from above! These compact plants can reach to be 18 inches tall and produce unopened buds with puffed out petals. This eye-catching display is sure to stand out in any garden! The Komachi Balloon Flower thrives in a sunny garden or as a cut flower in a vase.