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Celosia Seed

The Celosia is a sun-loving plant that can be planted in a container or garden border. These vibrant flowers thrive in any sunny spot! The Celosia is an annual flower that is easy to care for and attracts butterflies. These flowers also last long cut in a bouquet!

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How to Grow Celosia

The Dracula Celosia takes prize as being the most dramatic flower as its single, giant bloom changes color in the sunlight! This light sensitive flower produces one 6-7 inches long bloom with a rippled crest that will deepen from blood red to dark violet in the light. This unique variety is the perfect size for a container garden! Enjoy the hauntingly beautiful Dracula from Spring to the end of summer.

The New Look Celosia is an All-American Selection winner and customer favorite for its uniquely beautiful look it brings to the garden. This variety produces large, glowing red plumes and dark bronze foliage that is absolutely stunning! The New Look has a bushy, basal branching habit.