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Dianthus Seed

Dianthus plants are easy to grow and make for the perfect cut flower! Our Dianthus seeds grow into beautiful bright front border plants. The sweet fragrance makes these flowers very popular.

The Sweet William Dianthus is a spectacular, multi-colored flower that blooms beautiful, bright colors that adds a pop to any garden! This variety will bloom several different colors including white, pink and red. This easy to grow flower and will grow in almost any soil conditions. The Sweet William is a great cut flower to add to bouquets or vases.

The Flavora Rose shades Dianthus is a fragrant, compact flowing plant that produces beautiful multi-colored blooms that will flower its first year. This variety's 2" inch flowers vary in shades of cream and rose. The Flavora Rose Shades is the perfect flower for containers or landscaping and it has good heat tolerance.